Create secure and GDPR-compliant web apps using only static JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

What is Userbase?

Userbase is a database and backend service, purpose-built for web apps. It is accessible directly from the browser through a very simple JavaScript SDK.

Zero-management database

Unlike a regular database, all Userbase queries run in the browser. The server-side is just a dumb data store, and there's nothing on the backend to manage or worry about.

Built-in user accounts

Userbase takes care of your user accounts. It comes with built-in APIs for user signups, logins, and access control.

End-to-end encryption

Userbase won't show you what your users store in your web app. It spares you from the liability of handling user data by encrypting everything in the browser, using keys that always stay with the user.

When would I use it?

If you're building a web app, you will likely need a database and a backend. Userbase can replace both of those things...

How do I start?

Userbase will be available around mid-December 2019. Enter your email to receive important updates in your inbox.

How much will it cost?

Open source

Userbase is 100% open-source, MIT licensed. You can modify and extend the backend to your liking, and run it yourself in your AWS account, always under your control.

As a service

Or for just $39/month you can go fully serverless, backendless, databaseless, and AWSless!